Young King OURs (ヤングキングアワーズ, Yangu Kingu Awāzu) is a monthly seinen manga magazine published in Japan by Shōnen Gahosha, aimed primarily at male audiences, mostly older teens and young adults. It is the sister publication of Young King (which in turn was the sister publication of the now-discontinued Shōnen King). As of 2008, the circulation of Young King OURs is 68,000 copies.[1]

Manga artists and series featured in Young King OURsEdit

  • Yuki Hijiri
    • Locke the Superman
  • Kouta Hirano
  • Masakazu Ishiguro
    • And Yet The Town Moves[2]
  • Akihiro Ito
    • Geobreeders
  • Ark Performance
    • Arpeggio of Blue Steel
  • Ruri Miyahara
  • Gaku Miyao
    • Kazan
  • Yasuhiro Nightow
  • Rikdo Koshi
  • Hajime Yamamura
    • Ten ni Hibiki
  • Mizukami Satoshi
    • The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer (Hoshi no Samidare)
    • Spirit Circle
  • Masahiro Shibata
    • Sarai
  • Satoshi Shiki
    • I – Daphne in the Brilliant Blue
  • Toshimitsu Shimizu
    • Maico 2010
    • Red Prowling Devil
  • Hiroki Ukawa
    • Shrine of the Morning Mist
    • Ayakashi no Yoru Ie
  • Shutaro Yamada
    • Loan Wolf
  • Daisuke Moriyama
    • World Embryo
  • Isutoshi

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