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Young King (ヤングキング, Yangu Kingu) is a biweekly seinen manga magazine published in Japan by Shōnen Gahosha, aimed primarily at male audiences, mostly older teens and young adults. It is the sister publication of Monthly Young King and Young King OURs and was originally founded in 1987 as the sister publication of the now-discontinued Shōnen King. As of 2008, the circulation is about 230,000.[1]

Manga artists and series featured in Young KingEdit

  • Yuji Shiozaki
    • Battle Club
  • Ooi Masakazu
    • Okusan - Oh! My Sweet Honey!!
  • Satoshi Yoshida
    • Shin Shonan Bakusozoku Arakure Knight (Bomber Bikers of Shonan)
  • Boichi
  • Toshinori Sogabe
    • Go! Tenba Cheerleaders
    • Deban desu yo? Kondō-san!
  • Katsu Aki
    • Harem Revolution
    • Daddy * Virgin
  • Takashi Sano
    • Iketeru Futari
    • Usagi-chan de Cue!!
  • Shohei Harumoto
    • Kirin (ongoing)
    • Hi! Hi! Hi!
  • Q-taro Hanamizawa
    • Tsuki Suzuran Doori
    • Momoiro Sango (The Pink Coral)
    • Play!
  • Masahiro Shibata
    • Sarai

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