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Yakushoku Distpiari Vol.1

Yakushoku Distpiari
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Yakushoku Distpiari (役職ディストピアリ Yakushoku Disutopiari), also better known as Gesellschaft Blume, is a manga series by SENGA Fumitaka and Tellmin.


The world of Gesellschaft Blume emulates a video game; displaying levels, damage points, and experience. This world is plagued by M.O.N.stars and Demon Overlords. The main character Truza, amoung other Subjugators, must put a stop to them. A girl named Almy confronts Truza in a bar to request membership to his team but was rudely dismissed. Truza and his team takes on the Blue Slime and Almy pursues them. By the time she catches up, she discovers that Truza was the only survivor. Now without a team, he must assemble a new one to prepare for the next call for an Overlord attack.

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