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Volcano High Prelude

Volcano High (Hangul: 화산고; RR: Hwasango), the original version, is a 2001 South Korean martial arts action comedy film in the same vein as Tenjou Tenge. The film proved to be a commercial success in South Korea gaining 1,687,800 admissions nationwide becoming the 9th highest grossing Korean film of 2001.


It revolves around a troublemaking high school student named Kim Kyung-soo (portrayed by Jang Hyuk) who finds himself transferred to the last school that will take him, the prestigious Volcano High, an institution whose students display an incredible talent in martial arts, with a few demonstrating even more mysterious psychic powers; most notably Song Hak-rim (portrayed by Kwon Sang-woo). Kyung-Soo is drawn into fights between different clubs, a Manuscript that is told to hold great power, and a group of teachers that will do whatever possible to keep the students in line.



American cover of the manhwa.

Volcano High Prelude (aka Volcano High Origin) (Korean: 화산고 Pre Story) is a manhwa, set before the 2001 film Volcano High that details the events that occur before Kim Kyung-soo arrives. This however, does not required to be read before seeing the movie. The manhwa was written by Ahn Chul-jung and illustrated by Kim Hwan. It was distributed in the United States by Media Blasters.

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