Red Bat Fan Art Submission

Hi everyone. As promised, I have delivered an original artwork for the Red Bat Collaborative project by artist and author of Afro Samurai, the amazing Takashi Okazaki.

My submitted artwork can found at the animanga section of wikia =

( )

View my submission at the link provided and all are welcome to comment  : )

I created a picture of a character named by other contributors as, ‘Rose’, a.k.a ‘The Girl’. I think that all the contributors have done an amazing job on this project I only found out about the project 1 day before the story contribution was going to end so I could not contribute a lot to the story (T_T).

I worked through the night coming up with ideas for my artwork. Few hours later (and after drinking a few cans or energy drinks as well :P) I created a picture of Rose holding up 2 cans of Red Bat, one marked Blood type A+ and the other B+.

Since we know Rose is a 20 year old human and a pro BMX rider, I decided to give her a helmet and a since she is a sponsored pro rider for the powerful Global organization RedBat, she wouldn’t be to friendly in personality or to girly either, So I gave her a cold hard look and a tom boyish outfit while still retaining her feminine physique.

I also gave her a pair of funky trouser braces since she has a small waste and loose fitted urban trousers that help represent here ‘Hip-Hop, Beat-Boxing’ by making her look more ‘street’.

Rose is holding the RedBat cans straight up and towards you with some attitude, and she is advertising the RedBat Brand (since she is a pro-rider for the company it makes sense that she would be holding the cans in this way). Her hairstyle is tied up behind her helmet ( She wouldn’t want to ride her BMX bike and have her hair blow in her face but also if her hair was to short then this short ‘masculine’ hair style would not fit with her title as, ‘The Girl’).

I created the A+and B+ fonts on the cans to resemble a kind of Neo Tokyo kanji graffiti style lettering. I made the PLUS (+ ) signs on the cans different (I think a different flavour with a different PLUS (+) sign on the cans look cool).

I kept the colour theme and screen tones fairly simple and I kept the RedBat Logo and character name within the limits of the Black/White & grey theme.

From this position, Rose looks like she has very little to fear, If you see Rose coming towards you, or if you hear someone Beat-Boxing in a dark alley way... you better run!

Whilst drawing the artwork of Rose, I felt very thirsty and I was drinking lots of energy drinks. Maybe drawing Rose holding those 2 cans of RedBat up in the air had something to do with it ; D

It was fun to create a Fan Art work piece on Rose I really look forward to seeing how the story is developed and cannot wait for Takashi Okazaki to show us more of RedBat. (Zero+Chemistry+ (talk) 22:39, September 12, 2013 (UTC))


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