• Pokezeldamaster

    In the Buu saga Goku was able to lift 40 tons in base, using the ssj multipliers, ssj3 would be able to list 16,000 tons. To calculate the power increase of ssjgssj we must first find out at minimum how powerful is Beerus? Goku at the end of the namek arc had a power level of 3,000,000, this power level we will use to determine the power of Beerus. Using the multipliers ssj3 Goku whould be 1,200,000,000 and then Beerus using a major battle difference would be 1,320,000,000 with a flick. Since a flick is 1/3,000 of your power this means Beerus supressed is 3,960,000,000,000. Assuming this is 1% of his power his max power would be 396,000,000,000,000. Using Akira Toriyama's comparison of Beerus and ssjg Goku would put ssjg Goku at 237,600,…

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