Name : Daren Malloy Gender : MaKe Body : Short messy hair colored medium black, hair directly near the ear is braided, eyes are blue, has cleapatra nose, medium slim body tipe. Personallity : Serville, works as No1 servant of the immortal Lady Shimmershine, he is subjective to others, and usually doesn;t question. Has an strict yet held back demeanor, often an snarker, brutal in fights yet tries to show mercy if at all possible. Has poor sense of humour, ususally extreamly deadpan, not easily caught off gaurd. Powers and abilities Has eaten the devil fruit know as darkness eternal, The fruit that blckbeard ate was not darkness based, but based on dark matter, hence it's gravitational powers. Powers include: Illusuion manupulation, by manipulating the darkness within ones mind, and clouding thoughs, as he states one would need an will of 6 sextillion people to so much as resist. Darkness can also be used to shade cloud himself physically from the presence of others, with this people forget not just his image, but his very memory, as though they never knew him to start with. Deren can even "cloud" concepts such as his inuries, so he can ignore then and keep fighting, Darkness can mimic any of the stages of matter, and has an energy form as well, and even in betweens like semis solids. It is malleable, an can be manipulated for attack, it can corrupt people into monstrocities with their strength increased by 100fold in exchange for an loss in reason until de-corrupted, The darkness can pull people in with it;s seductivness, can be used for shapeshifting as well. It can travel at the speed of light (when U turn off an light in an room the darkness overtakes the light at the moment the light begins to retract) It's greatest strength is the power to fuse with the power of the void, In this stage Derin Malloy is completelly untouchable, even seastone and haki fail against him. This is beccause the 2 work by ignoring the body of an logia and going for the physical form undearneath, However Derrin in this stage does not have an physical body that can be harmed to start with as he is part of the void, which is complete emptiness. Even ghosts have some form of an ohysical body, as they can interact with ibjects in their own way, Derrin on the other hand is in capable of doing so outside of manipulating his darkness. his form is not physical, andit does not even exist to begin with, what people see is nothimg more than an image of him incapable of interacting, or interacting with.

Derring is also well versed in all 3 stages of haki, and has even comvined them for an variety of affects, such as telekinesis (by using conqueres haki to "conquer" the will of an object, and then using kenbusoshhoku to guide his control). Superhuman speed, and strength. Somewhat lacking in durability, but has heavy duty endurance.

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