aka Cody Cartwright

  • I live in North Carolina
  • I was born on January 7
  • My occupation is College Student (trying to)
  • I am Male
  • Lightbuster30

    Name : Daren Malloy Gender : MaKe Body : Short messy hair colored medium black, hair directly near the ear is braided, eyes are blue, has cleapatra nose, medium slim body tipe. Personallity : Serville, works as No1 servant of the immortal Lady Shimmershine, he is subjective to others, and usually doesn;t question. Has an strict yet held back demeanor, often an snarker, brutal in fights yet tries to show mercy if at all possible. Has poor sense of humour, ususally extreamly deadpan, not easily caught off gaurd. Powers and abilities Has eaten the devil fruit know as darkness eternal, The fruit that blckbeard ate was not darkness based, but based on dark matter, hence it's gravitational powers. Powers include: Illusuion manupulation, by manipula…

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  • Lightbuster30

    Name: Subject 0 AKA: Rei, his name means Zero in Japanese. This is an reference to the fact that of his 9 other artificially made brothers he was an prototype. This is because although he is 1 of 10 siblings he does not count as the first sibling as he was an prototype, which precedes the completed project. Thus he and his siblings are actually numbered Subjects 0-9.

    Appearance: He has black messy hair with golden irises. An thinish body type, with muscle tone underneath. He wears an Black Trench Coat, and Shirt with an Chain wrapped around his chest starting from his right shoulder going down to his left side making the circle around between his waist and left thigh, around his back and to his right shoulder again. Black Skinny Jeans with …

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