GATE Episode One Review


GATE, despite being comedic in nature and although making a show of its sexual attraction to the fairer race, actually grabbed my attention and held it. It may not be the legendary must-see anime of the year, and it isn't for everybody, but it had an enjoyable story-line, distinctive characters, and fantastic animations, all of which make for a rather entertaining experience. If you are into the whole "fantasy world meets modern world and shit ensues" sort of show, you are doing yourself a favor by watching this.

This is the part where I warn you about the spoilers ahead, like a sign on the road informing you of roadwork. Either turn back now or hold onto your hat.

The most noticeable feature upon first watching this are its fantastic graphics. The level of detail that the creators put into the characters, their outfits, their surroundings, and pretty much everything else is extraordinary, and I urge the viewer to take a moment to appreciate this. As much as this show dedicates to humor, it far from takes away from the extremity of their art.

The characters, although not being the epitome of realistic emotion in an anime, each have their own unique appearances and personalities, making them easily discernible from one another, and they do their job of representing their show, which is what is important. Even as a guy, I get annoyed and sometimes even a little infuriated at the poor representation of women in anime. Shockingly (denotes plot twist), for once, this objectification actually emphasizes the show's feeling, rather than yanking away from it. So, good job, GATE. You are the first of your kind to actually pull this off.

The story is simple: a mysterious gateway to another world-one of magic and monsters-opens in the streets of Japan. The military manages to push them back, but now must journey in. As cliched as it might sound, GATE makes it work. Possibly because of its humor-centric vibe, or maybe because of its lovable main character, who is just as Otaku as the rest of us. Either way, the concept is new in the hands of this show. Also, though it isn't related to the plot or pretty much anything else really, I liked the neon Humvee in the end credits.

Overall, the show is fun and enjoyable. It keeps to its purpose and explores the same ideas with a new set of mind. It isn't for everybody, but it is more than deserving of a chance. Thanks for dropping by and I hope to see you in my next review. Leave your opinions in the comments if you want or berate me for mine. Either way: *tips fedora*

ANIMATIONS: 10/10 - I was amazed at the awesome graphics consistent throughout the show. The amount of detail scratched into every crevice is stunning.

CHARACTERS: 8/10 - The characters are fun, lovable, and suit the program perfectly. I can tell them apart with ease and was pretty satisfied with their personalities.

STORY: 8/10 - The plot took a seemingly dry concept and still made me thirsty for more. It is comedic, just as it sets out to be, and delightful to watch.

FINAL RATING: 8/10 - I don't have much negative to say, and though this fish didn't jump out of the water, it didn't sink to the bottom either. I enjoyed it and am confidant many others will as well.

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