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September 10, 2015
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    Holy shit. Just... WTF? That pretty much sums up my experience with Elfen Lied. As much as I enjoyed it, it isn't for the faint of heart. Unless you have the capacity to deal with plenty of nudity, an excess of severed limbs, and a misogynistic prick who pretty much instantly merits your disgust, I suggest backing out slowly... now.

    This is a very mature show (not hentai, sorry), and that entails lots of blood and gore. I would warn you of the spoilers I am about to drop, but like atom bombs, it may already be too late (it isn't).

    The animations, first off, are good. I feel like they could've been better, and I am never wrong, so I was a bit disappointed that such a good show didn't go all out with them. Still, they did what they needed to d…

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  • KingDaedalus

    So, at this point, I realize that I should stop watching half a damn series when I am supposed to be reviewing its pilot. Indeed, I am falling into a pattern. That might be a good sign. Yes. I 'enjoy' these shows in question. Log horizon is certainly no exception. I did find plenty of entertainment in it, despite the fact that its plot is basically Sword Art Online's with less risk. I was thoroughly captivated by the graphics, and while its characters haven't brought down any walls and ushered in a new millennium (did you know there were two 'N's in 'millennium'? I didn't.) they were enough to not make me NOT violently punch a wall. Huzzah.

    Now to the fun part, where I can ruin it for everybody. Just kidding of course, but there are a few s…

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  • KingDaedalus

    Before I start, yes, I know that Attack on Titan is a massively successful franchise with a multitude of seasons worth of content. Yes, I know that my finalized opinion sucks and I deserve to rot in hell. Please, save your breath. I suppose the reason I am going through the effort is to make aware a great anime show for those noobs looking for something to ease them in. Maybe giant naked monsters who eat people isn't the best way to do that, but I'll be damned if I am going to miss my chance to review this show.

    There are spoilers on the horizon, unless you've already seen AoT and are only here for the kicks, or unless you simply just don't care, jump ship now. My final rating can be found at the bottom of the page.

    So, first off, the animatio…

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  • KingDaedalus

    GATE Episode One Review

    September 15, 2015 by KingDaedalus

    GATE, despite being comedic in nature and although making a show of its sexual attraction to the fairer race, actually grabbed my attention and held it. It may not be the legendary must-see anime of the year, and it isn't for everybody, but it had an enjoyable story-line, distinctive characters, and fantastic animations, all of which make for a rather entertaining experience. If you are into the whole "fantasy world meets modern world and shit ensues" sort of show, you are doing yourself a favor by watching this.

    This is the part where I warn you about the spoilers ahead, like a sign on the road informing you of roadwork. Either turn back now or hold onto your hat.

    The most noticeable feature upon first watching this are its fantastic graphi…

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  • KingDaedalus

    I was far from impressed by the first episode of God Eater, for a few overt reasons. The plot was recycled from the most overused story lines in Japanese television. Giant monsters come out of nowhere and threaten humanity's existence, and can only be stopped by a chosen few who wield over-sized swords and laser guns. The chosen ones just happen to be teenage bad asses who wield their reprocessed personalities and generic appearances as well as their weaponry. The female characters are essentially just sexual objects, predictably, but it is the pseudo-3D animations that are pretty much what close the curtains for me. There are a few salvageable parts that succeed in grabbing my interest, but I was overall disappointed.

    I probably don't need …

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