Hey Anime/Manga Fans!

I'm Kate and I'm part of the Wikia Content Team. You might have seen me leave messages on several anime wikis about putting the Twitter button on the mainpage.

First, I want to thank the wikis that are already participating in the Anime Twitter program, it's really helping to promote a lot of our wikis. I wanted to update you all on our progress so far and help explain the program to those who may still have questions.

Basically, we are using Anime Twitter is to promote our amazing anime wikis for people who may not know about Wikia and our wiki communities. We think that we can generate more buzz and traffic through the Twitter account and get more users and contributions as well.

The Anime Twitter account is doing very well; we have over 600+ followers and the number grows on a daily basis. A lot of regular anime tweet-ers are super impressed by our anime wikis and through tweeting and re-tweeting, we're getting more page views!

We actually analyze how Anime Twitter is doing through and it shows that about 1/3 of page views and referrals come from Twitterfeed on the mainpage of our anime wikis. Fans who may be regular viewers or users on one anime wiki may not be aware of some of the other anime wikis and seeing them being promoted on our anime wikis is a really beneficial way to raise awareness.

I hope this answers some questions about Wikia Anime Twitter; I regularly leave messages on anime wikis about the Twitterfeed for their mainpage but if I haven’t gotten to your wiki yet, please leave a message on my Talk page and I’d be happy to give you the code so you can add it yourself (or I can add it for you).

I also would be happy to tweet anything regarding anime/manga related that’s related to something on your anime wiki, so please leave requests here:

Thanks everyone!


In the few short months that I've been tweeting about all our amazing anime wikis, the Twitter account has grown from around 20 to 1068 followers and counting!! There are new followers every day and an average of 300+ clicks/week! If you would like to add the Twitterfeed to your anime wiki, please add the code that you see on the mainpage of Animanga and msg me if you have any questions!

Thanks for all your help in growing the anime/manga community together!

Kate.moon@fandom 23:28, June 16, 2011 (UTC)

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