Hello everyone! herald_of_meridian here, a contributor of the Logo Creation Wiki and contributor to several anime wikis. Throughout the years of contributing to Wikia sites, I have seen the progress of many of the wikis which now belong to the Animanga Wiki Hub, and I myself have been editing a bit here, although not so much.

So far, I have settled down from making new wikis, and have decided to expand on the wikis I currently handle (although time constraints have forced me to share my powers to those who share my interests), but of course, I still long for showing my magic, and I've decided to help out beginner contributors in making their wikis look better.

It's simple: just reply to this blog post and tell me which wiki you think needs help in theme layout, wordmarks or other aesthetic stuff. Provide a link on your comment, and wait patiently until the blog post is updated with a lineup of wikis to be visited by yours truly. Of course, you can pitch in ideas, as long as it doesn't require too much programming know-how (I admit that it's one of my weakness). (Take note that I only accept wikis which are members of the Animanga Wiki hub.)

If your wiki is fortunate enough to be chosen (and if I'm available), you might just end up with a much better looking wiki than before! To take a look at what I am capable of, check out the Gosick Wiki and the Black Rock Shooter Wiki.

List of Chosen Wikis

  • K Project Wiki - wordmark and background done
  • Samurai 7 Wiki - wordmark and background done, awaiting confirmation
  • (insert wiki here)
  • (insert wiki here)
  • (insert wiki here)

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