• Gin-san

    21 Sep 2009 - It is a sad day for the entire manga community as news of the death of the manga author of 'Crayon Shin-chan' Yoshito Usui are confirmed by the police. For the English news article from Mainichi Japan, click here.

    Below is the condolence message from the 'Crayon Shin-chan' publisher Futabasha, translated from Japanese on their official web site:

    Up till now, the police search still held a shred of hope, but to have such a most tragic conclusion, comes as a big shock to us.
    We too are unable to think of any words to comfort the sorrow of the family that is left behind, now we can only pray for Mr Usui's happiness in the afterlife.
    Futabasha Publishers Ltd.
    20 Sep 2009
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