• DemonicAtom

    Again appears a funny trend in Twitter users in Japan. This time the trend of the combined images of anime characters mixed with pieces of the picture pregnancy tests showing that, yes, the character is pregnant.

    This trend started with a tweet by Twitter user with @Gorxxx_ account (which has now been removed) the upload template images pregnancy test kits that can be easily placed on the drawing anime characters.

    Surely in a flash templates are used in a wide variety of anime character drawing (and non-anime as well), either Waifu them, or to just comedy.

    Obviously not only the character of a woman who becomes the target of this meme. For the sake of comedy (or fujoshi dream), many male characters become victims.…

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  • DemonicAtom

    There's one thing readers need to understand before we get into the strangeness that is Domino's Japan's latest coupon promotion. Domino's Japan's image is vastly different than its U.S. counterpart. Domino's Japan is weird but in a completely harmless, off-the-wall sort of way. The company comes up with strange ad campaigns and jokes, like discounts for customers who own parakeets or wear twin-tails.

    The pizza company's latest gag claimed they were closing their online ordering site, only to turn around and say they're reopening it the following day. That doesn't make it any less tragic though! So the company launched a promotional campaign asking customers to show their sadness over the site's closure in order to score some cheap pizza.


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