Ultra Jump (ウルトラ ジャンプ, Urutora Janpu) is a Japanese monthly seinen manga magazine published by Shueisha under the Jump line of magazines. Originally, the magazine was a special issue of Weekly Young Jump which first issued in 1995. On October 19 of 1999, the special issue became the new monthly publication Ultra Jump. The manga titles serialized in the magazine are also published in tankōbon volumes under the Young Jump Comics Ultra label.


Ultra Jump started as a special issue of the Seinen anthology Weekly Young Jump called "Young Jump: Ultra Special Issue: Ultra Jump", which first issued in 1995. The magazine was split to a monthly publication in 1999, simply called "Ultra Jump". On March 19, 2008, Ultra Jump released an online spin-off of the Ultra Jump magazine: "Young Jump: Ultra Special Issue: Ultra Jump" (ヤングジャンプ超増刊ウルトラジャンプ, Yangu Janpu Chō Zōkan Yangu Janpu ). Ultra Jump Egg is an online manga website that mainly serializes manga not in the original Ultra Jump magazine.[1]


The manga carried are mostly fanservice-laden fantasy and science-fiction stories aimed at young adults. Shueisha's light novel line: "Super dash library", has close ties with the Ultra Jump magazine, as Ultra Jump supports the line by creating manga adaptions of the titles. (e.g. R.O.D) One-shots from manga writers are featured regularly and are called Special One-Shot (特別読切, Tokubetsu yomikiri ). Each issue include a special freebies featuring one or more series currently running in the magazine.

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There are currently seventeen manga titles being serialized in Ultra Jump. Bastard!! has been serialized irregularly since 2001 and Agharta is on hiatus since 2009.

Title Illustrator/Author Premiered
Agharta (アガルタ) Takaharu Matsumoto 01997-08-01August 1997
Bastard!! (バスタード!! -暗黒の破壊神-) Kazushi Hagiwara 02001-01-01January 2001
Heaven's Prison (天獄 -HEAVEN'S PRISON-) Hiroyuki Utatane 02002-08-01August 2002
Dogs: Bullets and Carnage (DOGS/BULLETS&CARNAGE) Shirow Miwa 02005-07-01July 2005
Grandeek ReeL (GRANDEEK ReeL) Kohime Ohse 02005-12-01December 2005
Peace Maker (ピース メーカー) Ryōji Minagawa 02007-07-01July 2007
Anima Chal Lives (アニマ・カル・リブス) Park Sung-Woo 02008-12-01December 2008
Hatsukoi Magical Blitz (初恋マジカルブリッツ) Naoto Tenhiro, Shōta Asuka (writer) 02009-02-01February 2009
Gingitsune (ぎんぎつね) Sayori Ochiai 02009-06-01June 2009
Dorikei (℃りけい。) Wadapen, Juntarō Aoki (writer) 02010-06-01June 2010
Jumbor (ユンボル -JUMBOR-) Hiroyuki Takei, Hiromasa Mikami (writer) 02010-08-01August 2010
Moon Edge (MOON EDGE) Masayuki Takano 02010-11-01November 2010
Kaizyu no Tail (怪獣のテイル) F4U 02011-01-01January 2011
Tsuki Robo (つきロボ) Masahiko Nakahira 02011-01-01January 2011
Ad Astra —Scipio and Hannibal— (アド・アストラ -スキピオとハンニバル-トラ) Kagaminohachi 02011-04-01April 2011
JoJolion (ジョジョリオン) (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8) Hirohiko Araki 02011-06-01June 2011
Hayate X Blade 2 (はやて×ブレード2) (Hayate X Blade) Shizuru Hayashiya 02013-09-01September 2013

Ultra Jump Egg series Edit

Title Illustrator/Author
Hana-Yome Han (花ヨメはん) Yukimaru Katsura
Kinnikuman Lady (キン肉マンレディー) Masashi Ogawa, Yudetamago (writer)

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