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Train☆Train (トレィン☆トレィン, Torein☆Torein) is a manga by Eiki Eiki. It is serialised in Wings and licensed by Digital Manga Publishing.


Saruta Asahi has always dreamed of becoming a train driver like his father. In pursuit of this dream, he is assigned to be a train station attendant at the infamous Minamikitazawa Station. "Minakita" is a busy station that attracts a lot of young people; especially women. The main draw is the station workers themselves, who were chosen specifically for their good looks and physical appeal! There's Matsumaru Hokuto, an energetic, bisexual rich boy; Fujisawa Kaiji, a Tokyo University graduate and former delinquent; Furukawa Hikari, a beautiful, strong woman who proudly dresses as a male attendant; and Mashiko Tsubasa, a popular, quirky teen idol. At first, Asahi is overwhelmed and upset by the liberal atmosphere full of noisy fans, and the eccentric behavior of his coworkers. However, he soon witnesses the professional abilities of the workers at Minakita Station.

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