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Towa no Quon

Towa no Quon
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Towa no Quon (トワノクオン, Towa no Quon, lit. "Eternal Quon"), is a 2011 Japanese animated supernatural film series consisting of six films directed by Umanosuke Iida. The first film in the series was released in theaters on June 18, 2011 and the last on November 26, 2011. The anime series is licensed by Sentai Filmworks in North America.


Unknown to the general public, there is a tiny percent of the population that will mutate and develop special abilities. Dangerous organizations hunt down those with powers to research and exploit them. However, there is an underground group made of ability users that are fighting back against that. Quon and Yuma are at the front lines of this resistance group and use their combat strength to protect others who still have not realized their powers. They work tirelessly day and night to locate, save and develop their brethren from the evil hands of a dark organization.

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