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Toujuushi Bestialious
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Toujuushi (Bestialious) (闘獣士(ベスティアリウス), Tōjūshi (Besutiariusu)) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by KAKIZAKI Masasumi.

Toujuushi Bestialious originally started as 2-part oneshot published in the Issue 2011-11 & 2011-12 of Weekly Shonen Sunday in February 2011. Later in July 2013, around 2 months after Kakizaki finished his last work, an announced revealed that Kakizaki will turn Toujuushi Bestialious into a series in Weekly Shonen Sunday starting from Issue 2013-36-37 in August 7.

The term Bestiarii (闘獣士) refers to those that fought against beasts, whether through voluntary combat or execution, during the Ancient Roman era. Bestiarius refers to a single Bestiarii.


A.D 70 The mightiest empire Rome started conquering the world. The whole Europe was havocked by Roman's foot. In Ablion, in order to protect their homeland, the Bravest Wyvern fought a bloody battle against the invader...

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