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Tokyo Boys & Girls (東京少年少女, Tōkyō Shōnen Shōjo) is a manga written and illustrated by Miki Aihara. The series was published by Shogakukan in Japan, and Viz Media in North America.


Mimori Kosaka is accepted into Meidai Attached High School, which is her dream school because students there get to wear the school's very fashionable uniform. Although Mimori looks forward to enjoying the first year of her high school life, things do not go the way that she had anticipated. At the school, Mimori befriends Nana. She also discover that her childhood friend Haruta, is also a student at the school. However, instead of being friends, Haruta is seeking revenge against her. A love triangle also develops when Nana start to take a liking towards Kuniyasu, who in turn has feelings for Mimori. However, Mimori only likes Haruta, and things get complicated.

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