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Tanjou is a 1994 video game that released September 22. Two anime OVAs were released that same year.


OVA 1Edit

Aki Itou, a normal highschool girl doing normal things: reading books, feeding stray cats, eating at restaurants with her friend Kumi, dreaming of being an adult, and admiring the boy she likes. However, reality is not always kind to girls with dreams, as she finds out.

OVA 2Edit

Aki Itou and Kumi Tanaka going along with their friend Saori Fujimura to dig up a time capsule that the three girls had buried before starting elementary school ten years in the past. After reminiscing on their contributions to the capsule, they notice additional items of unknown origin. Together they work to unravel the secrets of the fourth girl, whose name and whereabouts are shrouded in mystery.

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