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Tamayura (たまゆら) is a Japanese four-episode original video animation (OVA) series produced by Hal Film Maker and directed by Junichi Sato. The episodes were released over two Blu-ray Disc and DVD volumes in November and December 2010. An anime TV series based on the OVAs has been announced. A manga adaptation illustrated by Momo began serialization in Mag Garden's online Eden magazine in October 2010. An full anime TV series is airing in fall 2011, is produced by TYO Animation and will be called Tamayura ~Hitotose~.


Tamayura centers around a young girl named Fu Sawatari who moves to Takehara, Hiroshima to begin her first year of high school. Her father, now dead, grew up in Takehara, and this is her first time back in the town in five years. Fu enjoys photography and is often engrossed with taking pictures with her father's old Rollei 35S film camera. A shy girl, Fu tries her best to make friends early on, spurred on by her childhood friend Kaoru Hanawa. She quickly becomes friends with two other girls, Maon Sakurada and Norie Okazaki.

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