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Taiyou no Ie (たいよう の いえ, lit. "House of the Sun") is a 2010 shojo manga series by Taamo. This series won the 2014 Kodansha Award for Best Shojo Series.


Motomiya Mao is a High School student who has faced many problems since childhood. Her parents divorced when she was young, and since then her father treated her differently. Her mother marries another man whom she had an affair with and moved out of the house. During Mao's high school days, her father remarries another woman and now has gotten a step-mother and a step-sister. Mao feels like she "lost her home" after seeing her step-sister in her chair at the dinner table. She starts to live with Nakamura Hiro, her childhood friend in his house he had protected every day since his parent's death.

Mao's father approved of her living in his house believing that it will make her happy. Since that day, Mao spends her days with her childhood friend, while her romantic feelings begin to build up. As they live together, they wait for the day where Mao returns to her original house, and for Hiro's siblings to come back and live together in their special house for it to become "the house of magic, a place filled with both laughter and tears" once again.[1]

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