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Susano Oh (凄ノ王, Susano Ō) is a manga written and illustrated by Go Nagai.


High school freshman Shingo Susa as he is invited by his crush from middle school Sayuri Shiroyuki to the school's supernatural club. Over the course of the series Susa begins to gain supernatural powers, something that prodigy Rei Uryu, attempts to awaken to bring out the psychic giant, Susano Oh to destroy humanity and establish a new world order. To that end Uryu manipulated events that lead to the group of psychics Nosferatu and foreign psychics to seek out Susano Oh. Susa finally snaps when it is revealed that Shiroyuki is Uryu's slave after Uryu took over her father's company after Susa refused his initial offer and transforms into Susano Oh. During the carnage, Susa is saved by his club's president, Chigusa Mitsurugi who is a descendant of the Takama-ga-hara people who came to Earth over thousands of years ago. However, another threat approaches Earth in the form of the eight-headed serpent Yamata-no-Orochi.

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