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Suki-tte Ii na yo. (好きっていいなよ, lit. "Say "I Love You"") is a manga series by Kanae Hazuki. An anime adaptation by Zexcs aired between October 6 and December 30, 2012. In North America, the manga is published by Kodansha Comics USA and the anime is licensed by Sentai Filmworks. A live action film was released on July 12, 2014


Mei Tachibana has spent her 16 years without making either boyfriend or friends. One day, she kicks a popular boy in school by accident, Yamato Kurosawa, because of a misunderstanding but for some reason it seems that he takes a liking to her and one-sidedly claims that they’re friends. Later on, he not only protects Mei from a stalker, but does it with a kiss. Soon Mei starts to make friends and begins to give those feelings of love back to Yamato Kurosawa

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