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Street Fighter manga include:

  1. Street Fighter II: Ryu by Masaomi Kanzaki in 1993
  2. Super Street Fighter II: Cammy Gaiden by Masahiko Nakahira in 1994
  3. Street Fighter Zero by Masahiko Nakahira in 1996
  4. Street Fighter: Sakura Ganbaru! by Masahiko Nakahira in 1996
  5. Street Fighter Zero 2
  6. Street Fighter III: Ryu Final by Masahiko Nakahira in 1997
  7. Street Fighter III: The Twin Dragon
  8. Street Fighter EX 2 Plus

Street Fighter anime include:

  1. Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie in 1994
  2. Street Fighter II V in 1995
  3. Street Fighter Zero in 1999
  4. Street Fighter Zero: Generations in 2005
  5. Street Fighter - Round One: Fight! in 2009


Fighters from around the world compete in tournaments.

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