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School Shock

School Shock
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School Shock, also known as Chu Feng B.E.E (simplified Chinese: 雏蜂; traditional Chinese: 雛蜂; pinyin: Chū Fēng; Jyutping: Co1 Fung1), Hinabachi (Japanese: 雛蜂?), often stylized 雛蜂-B.E.E-, is a Chinese manhua and animated series. Originally a sci-fi webcomic, School Shock and was adapted into an animation when it gained popularity.

The series began airing in China on July 23, 2015 and in Japan on August 15, 2015. It is the first Chinese-made animated series to be broadcast simultaneously in China (in Mandarin) and Japan (in Japanese). Japanese critics described the series as Japanese anime produced in China and lacking Chinese creative elements.

School Shock comic books have also been published in Simplified Chinese by a Jilin publisher, and in Traditional Chinese by a Hong Kong publisher.


In XX AD, a new generation of arms race is emerging. “Vanguards” are the new type of weapons being used on the battlefield. Liu Li is a Vanguard that is about to retire. In her last 380 days she receives her final mission.

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