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5 years ago, a mysterious Akuma appeared...However, one man stopped the Akuma in its tracks, His name is Alalakit. The story start off with Jikeina and Santa. Jikeina was santa's older brother and they made a living by getting rid of monsters or stopping monsters from invading a village. However, Santa has a mark on his left hand, it is the mark of the Akuma. Acttually it's the mark of 'Mahou's Power'. There are 108 of the Akuma's powerful power, and they are passed down to 'successors', each animal who have the blood of the Akuma is changed, to youkais, only the most powerful of the lot are given one of the Akuma's power, and they will have a mark on various parts on their body as evidence that they inherited the power of the Akuma. Santa, has the Symbol of a star on his hand, and on it, is the number "0". In a battle with a Youkai who has the Mahou's Power of fire, Jikeina is separated from Santa, and Santa had just discovered what is his Mahou's something to do with the mouth on his stomach...alone, Santa travels to all kinds of places, making new friends, defeating new enemies, and learning the secret of the Akuma, whilst seeking Jikeina.

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