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Psyren (-サイレン-, Sairen), stylized as PSYЯEN, is a Japanese shōnen manga series by Toshiaki Iwashiro.

Psyren has been continuously serialized in the Japanese manga anthology Weekly Shōnen Jump since December 3, 2007 (issue 2008-01), and has been collected in eleven tankōbon volumes as of April 2010. The series began publication in America starting with the January 2011 issue of Shonen Jump.


Yoshina Ageha is a high school student who offers to help people with their problems for 10,000 yen. He'll take care of your stalkers, find your lost animal, whatever you want. One day when he's heading home, a nearby pay phone rings, and he picks it up. The only thing he hears however is his own voice echoing. After finding a mysterious card with the word 'Psyren' printed on it, his life suddenly changes as he is drawn into a crazy new world.

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