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Prince of Stride (プリンス・オブ・ストライド, Purinsu Obu Sutoraido?) is an otome game developed by Kadokawa Games and Vridge for the PlayStation Vita, first released on July 30, 2015. The game is based around the fictional extreme sport of "stride", which is akin to the real-life extreme sport of parkour. The series revolves a team of six to run a relay race through a town. An anime television series adaptation developed by Madhouse entitled Prince of Stride: Alternative (プリンス・オブ・ストライド オルタナティブ, Purinsu Obu Sutoraido Orutanatibu?) began airing on January 5, 2016. A spin-off manga entitled Prince of Stride Galaxy Rush launched in November 2015 in Dengeki Maoh.


Nana Sakurai dreams of being part of the HONAN Stride Club, therefore when she reached high school she immediately transfered to HONAN, only to find out that her most favorite Stride is no longer competiting.

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