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Takimoto's first novel, Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge was published in 2001 and received a special category award at the fifth Kadokawa Gakuen Awards. It was adapted as a live-action Japanese film in 2008, starring Megumi Seki and Hayato Ichihara. A manga adaptation with artist Saiki Junichi was released in Monthly Shōnen Jump.


Yousuke Yamamoto is a typical underachiever, searching for a reason to live while struggling to come to terms with the death of his friend Noto a year ago. Everything changes dramatically for him one night when he runs into Eri Yukizaki, a beautiful girl hiding a tragic loss of her own, out on the streets. When a chainsaw-wielding giant falls from the sky and engages her in battle, it marks the beginning of Yousuke finally finding his purpose in life.

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