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Najica Blitz Tactics (ナジカ電撃作戦, Najika Dengeki Sakusen) is an anime television series by Studio Fantasia.[1] It premiered across Japan between October 4, 2001 and December 27, 2001. The show is similar to that of Agent Aika—both being directed by Katsuhiko Nishijima and animated by Studio Fantasia—with much of the same content.


Najica Hiiragi, perfumer and secret agent, is sent out on a number of recovery missions to round up rogue humaritts, androids with combat abilities. Najica is assigned a humaritt partner, Lila, whom Najica is to groom as an agent and receive assistance from along the way. As Najica grows to accept Lila, each new mission they embark on reveals more and more about the capabilities and mysterious origins of the humaritts.[2]

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