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Mecha-Kurama (メカ九喇嘛, Meka-Kurama) was a mechanised replica of Kurama that appears in the anime-exclusive episodes and Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution.

Background Edit

In the anime, Mecha-Kurama was created by Orochimaru for the purpose of demolishing Konohagakure.


Mecha-Kurama's main body looks like a robot version of a fox-like creature. It was considerably large and has nine tails made out of pure flames.

Abilities Edit

Being made from the same material as Mecha-Naruto, Mecha-Kurama was invulnerable to all but the most extreme attacks. It was able to fire lasers from its eyes.

Part II Edit

Akatsuki Suppression MissionEdit

File:Narutimetto Burasutā.png

After Mecha-Naruto turns on Orochimaru, the latter summons Mecha-Kurama to Konohagakure in order to enact the destruction of the village. Though the mechanical tailed beast manages to do a great deal of damage to the village, it is destroyed when Mecha-Naruto sacrifices itself by using all of the Nine-Tails chakra within it in order to destroy Mecha-Kurama.

In Other Media Edit

Video Games Edit

Although Mecha-Kurama itself is not playable, Mecha-Naruto takes on its form as his awakening in Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution. In the game, Mecha Kurama is the destructive evil personality of Mecha-Naruto.

Trivia Edit

  • Its appearance is heavily reminiscent of Mecha anime from the 1970s and 80s, particularly the Mazinger series.
  • Much like Mecha-Naruto, Mecha-Kurama is a parody of MechaGodzilla from the Godzilla franchise.

References Edit

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