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Mazinger (マジンガー, Majingā) is a long-running series of manga and anime featuring giant robots or mecha.


The first Mazinger, the story revolves around the antagonism between Kouji Kabuto piloting his robot Mazinger Z and Dr. Hell using Mechanical Beasts. Mazinger has two manga, one by Go Nagai himself, and the other by his assistant, Gosaku Ota both with different stories and direction.

Directly following the plot of the previous series, Great Mazinger was a more powerful version of its predecessor. Tetsuya Tsurugi pilots the robot against the Mikene Empire and the Warrior Beasts, ruled by The Emperor of Darkness and led by the Great General of Darkness and the Seven Generals of Mikene. Like Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger also has a compiled manga done by Gosaku Ota.

While not created on Earth, Grendizer is considered to be part of the Mazinger canon mostly due to the fact of Koji Kabuto co-starring in the show. Within the story, Grendizer was created by scientists of Planet Fleed. After the Vegan Empire invasion of the planet, they stole Grendizer from it, only to be stolen back by the Prince of Planet Fleed, who piloted it under the guise of the masked warrior Duke Fleed. Like Mazinger Z & Great Mazinger, Grendizer also has a compiled manga done by Gosaku Ota.

An anime, manga and novel series, loosely based on the Mazinger Z concept. Actually not a mecha but a stone giant. The series is considered as part of the Mazinger saga, if not only for the name of the title and that of his creator.

A comic book specifically designed for the United States market. It has an original storyline not related to the other Mazinger series. In this story, this robot is only one of several combat armors that battle in an apocalyptic world and has a completely different arsenal than the other Mazingers. Its design is the most likely the inspiration for the design of Mazinkaiser. It regularly gets confused with the Mazinger of MazinSaga.

A manga that mixes the Mazinger Z story with several elements from other series written and drawn in a style more similar to Devilman than to Mazinger. The Mazinger of this manga is a normal-size armor, Mazinger Z, the armor of God. It can grow larger if needed. A videogame based in this manga was released for the Mega Drive

Another alternative storyline in manga format, mixing Greek mythology with classic Mazinger characters, where "Z" makes reference to the Greek king of the Gods, Zeus.

An OVA series featuring one of the most powerful Mazinger; within the Nagai universe it is in line with mecha heavyweights like Grendizer and Shin Getter Robo. Piloted by Koji Kabuto, it faces the classic Mechanical Beasts created by Dr. Hell and afterwards the Warrior Beasts from the Mikene Empire.

An original manga featuring the female characters and mechas from Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger and Grendizer as well as several references to other Nagai's series. It follows a similar premise to Charlie's Angels.

Sequel of Mazinger Angels, it introduces Kikunosuke, from The Abashiri Family, as the pilot of the original design for Mazinger Z (Energer Z), called here Iron Z.

An anime retelling of the original series, Shin Mazinger features characters and events from other Mazinger-related works, as well as other Go Nagai works, such as Mao Dante and Violence Jack, getting involved in the battle between Koji Kabuto and Dr. Hell. It also has a manga done by the Akumetsu duo. The story involves several alternate universes of Mazinger Z with a human version of Minerva X serving as a main character.

A manga where the characters are the classic super robots (Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, Grendizer, Kotetsu Jeeg) in the form of cute android girls. The Japanese title is a pun with the "Z" in Mazinger Z, using the kanji "乙" (otsu) from the word "乙女" (otome: maiden).

An OVA, manga (Mazinkaiser SKL Versus) and novel series.

Manga sequel to Mazinger Otome.

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