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Kyorochan (キョロちゃん) is a 1999 anime series based off Morinaga's second and current Chocoball mascot Kyorochan.

Most of the episodes are available in Japanese (none are fansubbed into English). It is implied that the series has an English dub according to Anime News Network, but the episodes of said English dub are nowhere to be found.


While exploring ruins on Angel Island, a doctor finds a myserious newborn bird called Kyoro-chan. Together they form a bond and decide to travel the world together. Three years later when the Doctor and Kyoro-chan try to return to Angel Island they become shipwrecked from a storm. Kyoro-chan was able to make it safely to the island but the Doctor was nowhere to be found. Kyoro-chan prays for his safety and hope he returns as he now starts his new life on Angel Island.

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