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Kurohime (魔砲使い黒姫, Mahoutsukai Kurohime, lit. Magic User Kurohime) is a manga series authored by Masanori Ookamigumi Katakura. The manga began its run in 2002, and had been serialized in Monthly Shōnen Jump. It will be one of the pilot manga in the new monthly shōnen book's website, Jump Square. An English-language version of the manga is published by Viz Media. However, only volumes 1-14 were translated with the 15th cancelled and no plans to continue the series have been announced.


Kurohime is a buxom witch with the power to control magical guns. She once made the mistake of challenging the gods and was cursed for her foolishness. Transformed into a little girl named Himeko, she can only regain her former body and powers when she falls in love. But finding love in a world fraught with evil is no easy task.

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