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Kubera is a webtoon created by Currygom.


Kubera Leez is a girl living in a small, remote village. On the day of her 16th birthday, however, her happy life with her lone mother and her small circle of acquaintances comes to an end when a monstrous bird-like sura (a powerful, immortal being with both human and animal-like forms) obliterates her village while she is out looking for mushrooms in the nearby forest.

A mysterious magician named Asha Rahiro saves the girl from certain death. Once Kubera changes her name to Leez Haias (a combination of her parents' family names, Anna Haias and Rao Leez) to hide her true identity, they embark on a mission of revenge, which takes them on a journey that brings them in contact with various other characters, from the friendly fire priestess Brilith Ruin to the young Yuta on a mission of his own, while numerous sura troops pursue Leez and the mysterious strength she holds, which may be connected to the mysterious God Kubera.

The series is now in its 3rd season.

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  • Kubera on Naver - Korean (original)
  • Kubera on Webtoons - English (official translation)

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