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Karakuri Circus

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Karakuri Circus (からくりサーカス Karakuri Sākasu) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by FUJITA Kazuhiro.


The protagonist, Masaru, has just inherited a big fortune after the death of his father. However, people are trying to get their hands on it by any means necessary, even if it means killing him. Narumi helped Masaru from being kidnapped after fighting some weird guys. He found out that they're not humans but wooden puppets with amazing strength. After a hard fight, Narumi was forced to admit that he's no opponent for them; and just when he started to think that Masaru would be captured, Shirogane, Masaru's watcher arrives from France with a weapon, the puppet Arlequin. Here, begins the story of Karakuri Circus.

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