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Kamisama Kazoku (神様家族, lit. "God Family") is a harem anime series based on a series of light novels by Yoshikazu Kuwashima, which premiered May 18, 2006 in Japan across the anime satellite television network Animax. The original light novel series have been concluded with 8 volumes, however on January 25, 2008 a sequel series titled Kamisama Kazoku Z (神様家族Z) has been released.


Samatarou Kamiyama is the son of a god and must live in the human world with his family to learn about them, in order to become a better god when the time comes to succeed his father. His closest friend is Tenko, Samatarou's guardian angel since birth. One day he falls for Kumiko Komori, a girl who just transferred to their school, and decides to win her heart without relying on any of his relatives' godly powers, oblivious to the fact that Tenko herself has a crush on him.

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