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Jormungand (ヨルムンガンド) is a manga series by Keitarō Takahashi and serialized in Monthly Sunday Gene-X/ magazine. The manga is published in North America by Viz Media and an anime adaptation began airing in April 2012, concluding in June. Season 2, titled Perfect Order, began airing in October.


The series follows Koko Hekmatyar, a young arms dealer who sells weapons for HCLI, an international shipping corporation run by her father that secretly deals in the arms trade. As one of the company's unofficial weapon dealers, Koko secretly sells weapons internationally while avoiding the local authorities and law enforcement as most of her work is actually illegal under international law. Traveling with her is a team of bodyguards who are mostly composed of ex-military veterans. The latest addition to her squad is Jonah, a seemingly emotionless child soldier who is skilled in combat yet ironically hates arms dealers because his parents were killed by weapons sold by Koko's brother Kasper. However in exchange for taking care of three orphans that he cared about, Jonah agreed to work for Koko as part of a deal with Kasper. What follows is Koko and her squad's escapades around the world.

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