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Innocent (イノサン) is a manga series written and illustrated by Sakamoto Shinichi. A sequel under the name, Innocent Rouge was made. It is serialized in Grand Jump.



In the 18th century, seeking "freedom and equality", the event that became the starting point of modern French society, the French Revolution, began. There was one more protagonist that lived within the darkness, Henry Charles Sanson. He was the fourth generation family head of the Sanson Family, and executioner of Paris. This is the historie of him nobly facing the harsh fate.

Innocent RougeEdit

Innocent Rouge

The eve of the French revolution, 1772—

The eldest brother of the Sanson family, Charles-Henri, has grown as an executioner and his sister, Marie-Joseph has been living, freely in the Versailles.

But one day, Marie-Joseph's first love, a man named Alain was killed by aristocrats...!

This historie of innocents plunges into the arc of the crimson revolution, Rouge—!!

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