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Hyouge Mono (へうげもの, Hyōge Mono, lit. "Jocular Fellow") is a manga written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Yamada. It won an Excellence prize for manga at the 13th Japan Media Arts Festival and the Grand Prize at the 2010 Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize. It was adapted into an anime series in 2011. The official website was updated to reflect the change. For unstated reasons Yoshirhiro Yamada and the editors of Morning quit consulting for the anime series had the credit changed from "original story" to "original concept".


In the age of civil war, when the shadow of Oda Nobunaga was still cast over the land, the warlord Furuta Sasuke lost his soul to the tea ceremony. While war shook the world around him, he faced his own conflict between his desire for promotion and his love for his art.

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