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Happy Hustle High (H3スクール!, H3 School!) is a manga series by Rie Takada. The series is published in Japan by Shogakukan and in the United States in English by VIZ Media.


What happens when an all-girls' high school reigning tomboy finds out her school is about to be filled with boys!?

Hanabi Oozora is a rambunctious 16-year-old tomboy who comes to the rescue of her less assertive friends--sometimes in exchange for food. So what does she do when, all of a sudden, her all-girls' school is about to be integrated with an all-boys' school?!

She meets and falls in love--naturally--with one of the three most popular and handsome boys in the Student Council, Yasuaki Garaku! Unfortunately, Yasuaki doesn't care for girls...and when the girls' Student Council clashes head-on with the boys' Student Council, Hanabi steps in to become a member--hoping she'll change Yasuaki's mind!

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