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Hantsu X Trash (ハンツー×トラッシュ) is a sports romantic-comedy manga written and illustrated by Kobayashi Hiyoko, serialised by Kodansha in Weekly Young Magazine.


The idle first-year student Hamaji Youhei lazes around on a daily basis in the corridors of Kyuuto High School. The new school term brings the perverted sophomore Nakajima to his classroom door with an offer - the unlimited opportunity to grope schoolgirls for joining a dreaded sports club!? Though the reluctant drifer Hamaji is interested in the prospect of getting close and physical with these schoolgirls, the intense training of the Water Polo Club is not helped by the perverted antics of its male members and the brutal physicality of "underwater martial arts". The beauty & skill of ace player and club captain Hagiwara Chisato inspires Hamaji to improve his skills to become a national water polo athlete, in competition with the talented male ace Mano. The plot of the manga follows Hamaji in his efforts to become a better player and develop a relationship with Hajiwara, despite the disruptive influence of the other schoolboys.

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