Group TAC Co.,Ltd. (株式会社グループ・タック, Kabushiki Kaisha Gurūpu · Takku) was a Japanese animation and computer graphics studio located in Shibuya, Tokyo, and founded in 1968 from former Mushi Pro staff. They have worked on movies, videos, TV shows, and commercials, and have contributed to all stages of the process, including planning, production, sound effects, and so on. The company was headed by Atsumi Tashiro until Tashiro's death in July.[1] In September 2010, Group TAC filed for bankruptcy, and liquidated all of its assets.[1] Diomedéa was formed after a split with Group TAC. Their remaining animation projects, Hanakappa, was taken over by OLM, Inc. and XEBEC.

Projects Edit

1983 Edit

  • Igano Kabamaru
  • Nine
  • Nine the Original
  • Nine 2: Sweetheart Declaration

1984 Edit

  • Nine 3: Final

1985 Edit

  • Night on the Galactic Railroad
  • Touch

1986 Edit

1987 Edit

  • Tale of Genji
  • Hiatari Ryōkō!

1990 Edit

  • Everyday is Sunday
  • Run! White Wolf

1992 Edit

  • Princess Army
  • Yadamon
  • Nozomi Witches

1993 Edit

  • Jungle King Tar-chan
  • Tama and Friends

1994 Edit

1995 Edit

1996 Edit

  • Those Who Hunt Elves
  • Spring and Chaos
  • YAT Anshin! Uchuu Ryokou

1997 Edit

  • Those Who Hunt Elves II
  • Hare Tokidoki Buta (dubbed in English as "Tokyo Pig")
  • Strange Love

1998 Edit

1999 Edit

2000 Edit

  • Miami Guns
  • Grandeek

2001 Edit

  • Grappler Baki
  • Grappler Baki 2
  • Daichis: Earth's Defense Family
  • Fighting Foodons

2003 Edit

  • BLAME!
  • Twin Spica
  • Gilgamesh
  • Submarine 707R
  • The Golden Laws

2004 Edit

2005 Edit

  • Arashi no Yoru ni

2006 Edit

2008 Edit

  • His Wish and Light
  • Shinran-sama: Negai, Soshite Hikari

2009 Edit

  • The Rebirth of Buddha

2010 Edit

  • Hanakappa (Final Work)

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