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Green Green (グリーングリーン, Gurīn Gurīn) is a Japanese, 12-episode anime adaptation of the H-game of the same name. While there are no sexually explicit scenes in the first 12 episodes, the series has a strong focus on nudity. A non-canon sequel exists to the story as a thirteenth episode, which was released at a later date. This 'Episode 13' is unlicensed and not included in the US release due to scenes involving sexual acts.


Green Green takes place in the countryside of Japan, at the isolated all-male boarding school of Kanenone Gakuen (translated literally in English as "Sound of the Bell Academy"). Since there are no females for miles, the school is advertised as the "last remaining paradise for men on Earth". The Kanenone school board has begun talks to merge with an all-girl boarding school, in hopes of becoming a co-ed boarding school. This has the hormone-driven, girl-deprived male body of Kanenone thrilled.

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