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Grand Guignol Orchestra (人形宮廷楽団, Guignol Kyūtei Gakudan) is a shōjo manga series written and illustrated by Kaori Yuki. Appearing as a monthly serial in the Japanese manga magazine Bessatsu Hana to Yume from the August 2008 issue to the June 2010 issue, the eighteen chapters of Grand Guignol Orchestra were collected into five bound volumes by Hakusensha.


The plot follows the unofficial Grand Orchestra led by singer Lucille, who searches for a way to rescue his younger sister Cordierite "Cordie" — who now despises him as the cold-hearted Queen Gemsilica, convinced that he tricked her into becoming queen in his place. The other members include the violence-prone violinist Kohaku, who was bitten by a guignol; and cellist Gwindel "Gwin", a former sculptor of guignols who keeps his daughter's hedgehog with him. They are soon joined by pianist Celestite "Celes", who has lived under the identity of her twin brother, Elestial "Eles" after a guignol attack left her the only surviving child in her town. They periodically encounter Berthier, the unofficial orchestra's former pianist whose violence drove his beloved, Lucille, away and who was resurrected by Le Sénat after his suicide. Other reoccurring characters include Spinel, a spy for the queen who can manipulate her voice and whom Lucille befriended when she snuck into the all-male monastery as a child.

The unofficial orchestra visits infected towns and destroys the guignols there for a fee. Eventually, they obtain the Black Oratorio, rumoured to be able to destroy the queen and neutralize the virus when performed. Having left Eles behind for her own protection and unaware that she took the Black Oratorio out of fear of its effects on the orchestra, Lucille and his orchestra confront Queen Gemsilica, and find Berthier with a kidnapped Eles and the Black Oratorio. Queen Gemsilica is fatally wounded by their servant Cookiete "Cook" . Secretly the host of the original king, Cook is responsible for the manipulation that caused her to become queen instead of Lucille. Berthier, persuaded to return the Black Oratorio, kills Cook as he attempts to escape, and the music of the Black Oratorio is broadcast throughout the world by the satellites formerly used for Divine Lightning. Upon hearing the music, the guignols sing along and are destroyed. Separated from Lucille and the orchestra, Eles realizes that she can live as herself now. Later, she joyfully reunites with Lucille, and rejoins the unofficial orchestra, all of whom have been affected by the neutralization of the virus.

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