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Garo: The Animation is a series of animated entries in the adult tokusatsu franchise, Garo: The Golden Knight created by film and television director Keita Amemiya.


Hono no KokuinEdit

The setting takes place in the fictional country of Valiante, which is modeled after Spain during the Spanish Inquisition. A series of witch hunts have resulted in the secret order of the Makai Knights and Alchemists to dwindle in number as they are accused of crimes of witchcraft against the Church and executed. These hunts are the machinations of the evil Mendoza, an adviser to the King, who plans his revenge on them and to use their souls to attain ultimate power. However, during one of these executions, a Makai Alchemist gives birth to a baby and her husband breaks free just in time to rescue their newborn son from the flames of the burning stake. 17 years later, the baby has grown into a teenager named Leon and has inherited his grandfather's armor, Garo, from his mother and become a Makai Knight to plan his revenge on Mendoza and destroy demonic entities known as Horrors with his father, Herman aka The Makai Knight known as Zoro.

Guren no TsukiEdit

Coming Winter 2016
Set during the Heian Period of Japan, the story follows a group of Makai agents who must stop a corrupted Makai Preist from destroying Japan's government and the Imperial family.

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