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Fuuka (風夏, Fūka) is a manga manga written and illustrated by Kouji Seo. It is the sequel of Suzuka.


The phone-addicted high-school teenager Yuu Haruna transfers to a high-school in Tokyo when his parents move to the United States. Though his phone is broken on the street by phoneless classmate Fuuka Akitsuki when she presumes that he is invading her privacy, she drops her CD on the sidewalk and he returns it to her at school. This girl's dynamic personality has the power to draw people to her like a summer breeze, and a unique gift for singing. When Yuu recently connected with popular singer and elementary classmate Koyuki Hinashi on Twitter, Yuu invites Koyuki to his house as old friends. Thus begins a clash of two loves, electronic and platonic, that form a summer love triangle of impossible depth! In that moment, Koyuki, Yuu and Fuuka's fates align. The series focuses on Yuu and Fuuka's efforts to develop successful musical careers in the meteoric band Fallen Moon, under the patronage of the legendary band The Hedgehogs who are their inspiration.

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