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Fire Fire Fire is a manga series written and illustrated by the creator of Highschool of the Dead and Triage X, Shōji Satō which began serialization in volume 1 (released December 2008) of Shueisha's now-defunct bimonthly manga anthology, JC.COM. A new chapter of the series was published in each volume of JC.COM, comprising 12 total chapters (notably, however, volume 1 of the tankobon combines chapter 2 and chapter 3 into one, bringing the total chapter count within the volumes to 11), with the series officially ending in volume 12 of JC.COM (released October 2010). The series was collected and released separately in two volumes.


Fire Fire Fire follows the exploits of the trio of Jiga Kirishima, Shishi-my, and Fay Hound as they adventure through the wasteland and towns they find along the way. Jiga makes a quick enemy in Khamsin of the powerful Lost Eagle Nest organization (LEN), who serves as the primary antagonist until the final chapter.

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