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This is a list of the medical conditions that exist in anime and manga that do not (unfortunately?) exist in life.

Hentai Syndrome: Edit

Hentai Syndrome a.k.a Henisei Tashu Ijou Syndrome is a medical condition described in the manga "Dragons Rioting". The afflicted person when sexually aroused experiences sudden and excruciating chest pain which can lead to death. The pathophysiology of this syndrome is not well understood but it is believed that when the afflicted person becomes sexually aroused that the subsequent gathering of his/her blood in one point of the body results in an increased burden on the heart that can be fatal. The only known treatment is to avoid becoming sexually aroused1.

Known Characters Afflicted Edit

  • Tachibana Rintaro

Eighth Grader Syndrome: Edit

Eighth Grader Syndrome is a psychological condition that affects mainly middle schoolers and appears in many various animes, mangas and light novels.

Gynophobia: Edit

References: Edit


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